Steps to prepare your yard for a shed

Steps to prepare your yard for a shed
There is a list of things you should think about to make sure your yard is completely ready for a shed.


To choose the right place to put your shed is not as simple as you think. Your background may be a completely level what means you will face with a number of options. 

However, there are a couple of things that can help you to make a right decision. The first thing is to decide what the purpose of your shed is. For instance, if you have a flower or vegetable garden on one side of the yard, then you probably need a shed nearby. 

If you are going to store things, which you want to use inside the house, than you do not need your shed to be placed right down the back. 

If you’re growing a garden, be careful not to block the necessary sunlight. Also, do not forget to think how the constant use of the shed may affect the rest of the yard if the place where your shed is located becomes a high-traffic area. 


Firstly, you need an access to  build a shed in the first place. Secondly, you need an access for going in and out of your shed and for its maintenance.
At the same time do not forget about the local regulations about the distance you can construct a structure to fences, property lines and current buildings. 

One more thing – do not squeeze your shed into a tight place unless you have another option. 


What your shed is intended to be used for makes a difference. When you’re going to spend some time working inside, you’ll probably need to expand the natural light. If your shed is provided with windows, try them not to face a wall or a fence. 


There are two variants here. As mentioned above, if you’re going to stay inside your shed for a long time and you have windows, you should think what will you be looking at out of it.

On the other hand, you should also think of how will your shed look from the house. If you would like to admire greenery out of the kitchen windows, but this is the only place to put your shed, you can find the answer to this question with some landscaping. 


The first thing you should do is to ensure your shed is not going to be placed on the top of any of buried power lines of other utilities. 

If you are going to connect  power and/or water try to do it as easy as you can. 

If you already have an outdoor tap, a good idea is to orient your shed to give you an access to it for you to wash your hands whenever you need or rinse the dirt off your garden tools. 


You can be sure your shed will last long ant won’t need much maintenance when it’s constructed in a place that is always dry, not exposed to the sunlight baking for hours and is not undermined by tree roots. If there are some trees around, make sure they can be easily pruned back when necessary, as branches can scrape the roof or the sides of your shed. 


Consider all of above when preparing the place you’ve chosen for your shed. Cut down the trees and bushes that are in the way. Even if there are no trees or bushes do not forget about weeds. They can be strong enough to work their way through shed floor or between the floor and the walls. It’s better to use a weed killer.

At last, do not forget to make the access pass ready.