The Importance of a Proper Ventilation in Your Barn

The Importance of a Proper Ventilation in Your Barn
When you are going to acquire a perfect barn in Australia, don’t forget about the proper ventilation.

Either you’re going to use it as a stable for your horses or as a storage for machinery, proper ventilation is important.

There are three main reasons for ventilating your barn: the comfort and health of your animals, fire safety and durability.

Comfort and health

If you’re going to keep cows or horses in your barn, the necessity of ventilation is evident. While many people set up free stall barns to bring the supreme ventilation, a traditional American barn design is highly recommended, as it provides more safety for your animals or your possessions.

To provide the healthiest living place, it is important to regulate both the air quality and the humidity of your barn. If there isn’t enough humidity in the air, it can dry your animals’ nasal mucosa. It can also make dust that gets into your animals’ lungs.  When there is enough humidity in the air, the insulation factor of the animals’ coats is lower what makes them more receptive to the negative effects of temperature changes. Thus, it is so important your barn be sufficiently ventilated to keep gas concentration in the air to a minimum. In addition, there is no need for doors to be open all the time when your barn is well-ventilated.

Fire Safety

In a barn that is not ventilated enough the concentration of gases in the air is too high. And usually, flammable chemicals such as gasoline or kerosene are kept in a barn. An open flame can lead to the explosion. Moreover, bad ventilation can create pockets of intense heat that can cause sudden combustion of hay or gases ignition in the air.


A poor ventilation in a barn can cause high condensation as moist air rises and then cools down. This is a perfect environment for moulds and other microorganisms that lead to the decay of building materials and takes off the years of your barn’s life.

The best option to choose is a barn constructed from BlueScope steel including the full set of vents that makes it safe, healthy and comfortable for you and your animals to stay in.