The Most Popular Shed Styles in Australia

The Most Popular Shed Styles in Australia
Finding the perfect shed style that appeals to you and matches your property is all part of the fun.

Let’s go through some of the most popular shed styles for you to easily find the one you like. 

Skillion Roof Shed

This shed style is very modern and looks minimalistic. It is suitable for most residential garages and carports, farm or storage sheds and light industrial buildings, the flat design and steep pitch allow water to easily run off, which makes them excellent for high rain regions.

Gable Roof Shed

This shed style is usually called simple but never plain. It looks like a modern home, thus making a great addition to your backyard. The extra height along the centre of the shed allows for added headroom and is ideal for those needing a larger workspace. The Gable Roof shed is a best-selling option providing increased storage capacity compared to flat/skillion roof models.

Classic American Barn

This shed style is a perfect alternative for homeowners who look for some kind of an agricultural-looking shed. American barns also offer mezzanine flooring for extra storage space. 

Victorian shed of this style is an excellent choice for both style and storage. 

Custom Shed

If you haven’t found the perfect shed style yet, you can build a customizable shed. You can plan it from top-to-bottom, including the floor plan, the size, and all the other extra features. 

If you don’t want to build your shed by yourself, you can apply to Shed Bonanza and they will provide you with a shed that will suit all your needs. 

The look of your shed is important, but do not forget about its quality as well, as you buy the structure that will be safe storage for your valuable things and, surely, you want it to last for years.