Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Garden Shed

Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Garden Shed
Actually, you have lots of gardening tools and equipment and you need a safe place to store them in.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a ‘storage’ garden shed.

You also need to know how much you need to store in your shed. Besides what you’re planning to put in your shed straight away, think about what you’ll want to use it for in the future. Your family can expand, your kids will grow up, or you take on new hobbies, your storage needs will probably increase.

It’s best to opt for a bigger shed than you think you need right now.

Shed Size

The shed size is the first thing to consider. It will determine how much you can store inside the shed. However, the bigger the garden shed, the higher shed price will be. Here are the most popular shed sizes and what they’re best for.

  • 1.52x2.26m - Perfect for safe storage of boxes and bits and pieces your unable throw out.
  • 3.0x3.0m - Perfect for storing garden tools, lawn mower and kids bikes. 3.74x3.74m - Perfect for storing larger items as a ride-on mower and tools and surfboards or ski equipment.

Roof Style

There are a few choices of roofs to suit different needs.

  • Flat roof small sheds - are ideal if you have limited vertical space.
  • Skillion roof – allows rainwater to run off for collection of extra storage with a sloping roof.
  • Gable roof - are great for storing tall items like skis or surfboards. They also work well as workshops, providing comfortable standing room in the centre.
  • Heritage roof - for a classy look and extra storage space.

Shed Material

The lifespan of your garden shed depends on the material used for its construction. The best type of material is steel. This type of material is both durable and versatile. Most sheds in Australia are made from steel, mainly because it is light, easy to install, and it doesn’t warp or fade over time.

Shed Colour

A proper shed colour gives it a great value. When choosing the right colour, consider the surrounding landscape and how you want the shed to blend in.  You can choose from a range of colours and choose the one that will perfectly match your property.

Extra Options

The final decision to make is how to customise your outdoor storage garden shed.

  • Upgrade to Steel Framed Shed for Extra Strength
  • Double Doors, Sliding Doors, Extra Doors
  • Tee Handle or Locking Hasp and Staple
  • Custom Size Shed, Extra Wall Height
  • Windows, Skylights, Shelves, Bike Hooks, Tool Racks, Wooden Flooring System, Concrete Infill Slab and more.

Finding your perfect storage garden shed couldn’t be easier than with Shed Bonanza.