Tips for Getting a Shed Site Place Right

Tips for Getting a Shed Site Place Right
Everybody wants their shed last longer. But not everybody knows that the right shed site placement plays an important role when choosing your shed site.

Here are some tips for you to know when choosing the right place for your shed.

Turning circle

Ensure your shed is placed with enough space for vehicles to enter the doorways without difficulty. If you’re going to store big vehicles, then turning circle should be a little wider.


Concrete slabs and foundation on steep slopes may be more expensive and more difficult to move vehicles and other items in or out.

Access angles

If the slab is even and the driveway up to the doors is steep (either up or down), the height of the door should be increased for clearance. If the change of angle between the driveway and the slab is too big, vehicles may scrape on the ground. So, it is quite important to think about how your new shed will look from all the angles. You should be sure it won’t block any views.

Council regulations

Beside council zoning and intended utilizing of your shed, you must be enlightened of council demands, including boundary remoteness and easements.

Access to property

This factor is quite important when constructing your shed. One of the biggest advantages of easy access to your property is preventing you from transporting building materials and heavy tools around your yard.

Hope, these few tips will help you not to make mistakes when choosing the right site for setting your shed.