Tips for Getting Shed Site Placement Right

Tips for Getting Shed Site Placement Right
Every homeowner wants his outdoor shed to be durable and long-lasting. Thus, a good shed site placement is pretty important.

There are some considerable factors to take into account when choosing a proper site for your outdoor shed.

Turning Circle

Ensure to place your shed with enough space for vehicles to freely enter the doorways. If you’re going to store large vehicles like store boats, caravans, etc., then turning circle should be much wider.


Concrete slabs and foundations may be more expensive when placed on steep slopes and may affect the convenience of transporting vehicles and other objects.

Access Angles

If the slab is even and the door driveway is steep, the door height should be increased for the clearance. If an angle change between the slab and driveway is too big, it may cause vehicles to scrape on the ground. Mainly, this is vital for vehicles with low ground clearance.


Think about the look of your future shed from all the angles to make sure it won’t obstruct any views for you and your neighbours.

Council Regulations

You must be aware of council rules and requirements in your area for not to face problems in the near future. Nowadays, lots of shed companies in Melbourne can help you in getting all the needed permits.

Access to the Property

This is very important when constructing your shed. A restricted and inaccessible shed site can make it inconvenient to use your future shed storage.