Tips on How to Keep Pests Away from Your Shed

Tips on How to Keep Pests Away from Your Shed
Many people all over Australia consider pest infestation as one of the most disturbing problems they’ve faced, particularly in farms.

These creatures can not only crunch the things kept in your shed, but they can also bring a lot of harm to your structure, including building foundation, gutters and other parts.

Pests can easily damage your possessions. But there are some tips which can help you to get rid of them.

Keep food items safely

Try to keep food in closed containers to hold vermin back and prevent them from turning your shed into their own “restaurant”.

If you have pets, it will be better to keep their food in your home instead of your shed. If you want to keep it in the shed, ensure it is in the properly closed containers

What concerns grains and other seeds stored in your farm shed, keep them in bags and on a platform at least 60 cm above the ground and 60 cm away from the wall.

Clean utensils thoroughly before storing

If you’re going to keep utensils in your shed, ensure they’re completely clean and dry. Don’t leave oils or food remains on the pans in any case. This is quite attractive to pests and in a very short time, they can become “unwelcome residents” in your shed.

Seal all the holes

Even very small holes can help mice and other rodents to easily enter your shed. So, it’s important to seal all gaps in the ceiling, floor, walls, windows and doors to avert their entry. To be sure your shed is absolutely secure, utilize rodent repellent to scare them off.

Put flavoured plants around the shed

Rodents and other pests can’t bear plants, so it will be quite helpful to put them around your shed to prevent their invasion. Peppermint or lavender seem to be pretty efficient in keeping vermin away.

Keep your shed clean and tidy

Try to clean the surrounding area regularly and don’t leave any rubbish lying around. If your shed is clean, you don’t have to worry about pests.