Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave
Very often men realise that they don’t have enough space for their hobbies or just relaxation. A man cave is a solution.

It is not only a perfect place for work or doing favourite activities, but it adds great value and aesthetics to your home. So, you can transform your place that was once used as storage for your car into a real oasis within your property.

Following some tips will help you in turning your modest garage into a unique Man Cave you will spend most of your free time inside.


Before starting a project, the first thing to consider is to get an idea of the kind of activities you like. This will help you in making a custom-design shed. You can also look for inspiration online and find lots of ways to transform your existing garage into a real Man Cave.


Any professional would like to start his job with a clean canvas, so you will have to declutter your garage. Rummage through all the junk you have in your garage and make sure each item is something you and family needs. Although that sounds a little confusing, you should deal with this task seriously. Do whatever you can to clear out space before you turn it into the Man Cave all your mates will be talking about.


Lots of garages in Australia experience improper insulation that means not only high energy bills but also lack of comfort when inside your Man Cave. That’s why it is important for it to be provided with appropriate insulation. That means you need the floors, walls, ceiling and garage door insulated.


Colour can make all the difference to the look and feel of your Man Cave. A new coat of paint in your favourite colour will add more value.  Colour schemes for Man Caves tend to be “masculine colours” such as neutrals like brown, grey, blacks or blue or green.


This simple option can absolutely transform any space. You have an immense choice to choose from – an industrial look or down-lights to lamps and spotlights. You can choose any option you want depending on the electrics and availability of light fitting points in your garage.

Furniture and Appliances

Once your Man Cave is ready to be furnished, you can pick the items that reflect your style and personality. You can provide your man shed with things as comfortable seating for you and your friends such as armchairs or a sofa. The Man Cave needs to be convenient with basic essentials with a bar fridge, television screen, music and other items that you need for work or rest or play.


It is important to think about the security of your valuables in your Man Cave. You can get more information about shed locks and how to keep your shed safe here