What Not To Store In A Garage And Why

What Not To Store In A Garage And Why
Since a common garage is exposed to temperature extremes and pests can easily get access to it, certain household items should not be kept inside.

Let’s look at some items that are better not to store in your garage. 

Canned Food

Canned food kept in your garage can spoil much earlier than you can expect because of temperature extremes. A larder or some other dry and cool place with a fixed temperature range.


Paint and varnish solvents usually decay in temperature extremities and lead to shrinking and separation. Storing paint cans on the concrete floor of your garage can make them rust much quicker. That’s why a shelf in your house or a basement will be a better place for storing your paint cans. 


It is a very bad idea to keep the propane tanks and other gas-powered items in your garage. Gas can to easily leak out of the tank and light up when starting your car. Propane tanks should be kept away from your house, in some safe and enclosed place, such as a garden shed, and following all the manufacturer’s instructions for safekeeping. 

Fabrics and Bedding

Although fabrics and bedding are not so harmful when kept in your garage, they can be very alluring for pests and rodents to make their nests. To prevent this, it will be better to keep clothing items and fabrics inside your house or sealed boxes.

Paper Products

Paper products draw pests and rodents as well, so your office paper, napkins, paper cups and plates, and other paper items should be kept in some other place. If you want them to be stored in your garage, then they should be sealed in bags or stored in lid covered plastic containers.


A garage is not the best place for storing your TVs, DVD players and home entertainment systems that are going to be donated, as they can be easily damaged because of the range of temperature in your garage.

Pet Food

If you store your pets’ food in a garage, you will invite the rodents and insects for dinners inside. Dog’s dry kiddle, bird seed, and other food items should be kept in tightly sealed plastic bags in your larder. 

Wooden Furniture

Having some extra space in the garage can seem like an excellent place for keeping some spare furniture until you have a room in your house to place it or donate it. But, actually, your garage is not the best place to keep it, until you make the decision, as wooden furniture can warp in the heat. Moreover, rodents can chew through the couches and other parts of your furniture.