What Shed Size is Right for You

What Shed Size is Right for You
There are many ways you can use your garden shed. The purpose of your shed can be specified by its style and size.

To choose the right size of your shed it is important to determine its purpose.

Below there are some things to consider when choosing your garden shed size.

Local restrictions

The very first thing to do is to become familiar with the local rules and regulations concerning storage construction in your area. Some HOA’s may forbid either to build sheds of a certain size or install them on certain areas of your property. To avoid fines it’s better to know what kind of shed you are allowed to construct and where it can be installed. If you don’t have time to solve this issue Shed Bonanza can help you in this process.

Purpose of your shed

The next no less important thing to consider is to decide on what will you be using your future shed for. The variety of a garden shed usage can be wide – some people use it for storing different season items or machinery, the others - for keeping their vehicles. Lots of shed owners use their sheds as workshops, home offices or kid’s playrooms. Knowing exactly what will your garden shed be used for will help you to choose its appropriate size.

What shed size can your property support

If you want to use your shed as a place to store your car, be ready it will take up a large piece of area in your property. You might want to have a large shed in theory but when you actually see the real picture of how much area it is going to take, you will change your mind. Not to be disappointed go out into your yard and map out how much space your shed will take up. It will help you to figure out the exact size of your shed.