What to choose – a carport or a garage?

What to choose – a carport or a garage?
You know that you need to acquire some type of shed to store your car but you don’t know exactly what to choose – a carport or a garage.

Each of them has some benefits, and for making right decision it’s better to learn about these and find out which one will be better for you.

Benefits of a carport

The greatest benefit of a carport is its low cost way of protection your car from bad weather elements like wind, sun, rain, hail, etc. Carports prices are much lower than garages’. Moreover you have an opportunity to have it either professionally constructed or done it by yourself with all-inclusive carport kit.

Apart from having a great protection for your car you can also use your carport shed for some other reasons, as an entertaining place to host many people for instance.

One more benefit of a carport is its flexibility both in its placing and design, as it can be either attached to your home or even to the existing garage, or it can be built separately in any suitable place on your property.

What concerns flooring, it can be as simple as just ground or grass, or it can be made from gravel or paver to have an attractive look.

When it comes to choosing a material of your carport – for its roofing and supports, the choice is wide. Your carport can be either timber or metal and its roof can be made from Colorbond, Zincalume or even polycarbonate.

While choosing a roof for your carport you should know that you are not limited only to a flat roof – gables are also customary, more over they make a fantastic look and too perfectly blend your carport with your home.

Benefits of a garage

A garage is a permanent structure for your car storage that is fully enclosed. Similarly to a carport it can be either attached to your home with entry via a door what can be an easy way for your kids to get to a car, to leave your shopping or do any activities you need, or built separately at the back of your home or slightly to its side.

Unlike a carport, garages are fully enclosed and lockable what is a great advantage as you don’t need to worry about its security.

As well as  garage is a perfect storage for protecting your car in harsh Australian weather, it also is a great storage for some other items – lawn mover, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, decorations and so on. You can even make it partly a living place. These are the options a carport doesn’t have.