What You Should Know About Shed Approvals in Australia

What You Should Know About Shed Approvals in Australia
Garden Sheds usually face a wide range of demands and requirements for homeowners all over the Australia.

From storage space to housing equipment, Garden Sheds can provide some extra space for possessions or hobbies without any complicated requirements of other structures.

The process of acquiring approvals for Sheds may be cheap and easy or even unnecessary due to a number of factors.

In many cases it is not obligatory to acquire a council approval for your Shed. If your Garden Shed is going to be used for domestic purposes and will be no more than 10 square meters, you may not need shed permits and approvals as long as it fulfils the following criteria for placement:

  • Small Garden Sheds should be placed behind the front setback line and not to butt in vehicle sight lines;
  • Garden Sheds may be located along the back or side possession lines if it follows the Building Code of Australia fire safety codes;
  • If your Shed will be noticeable from the neighbours’ house it is strongly recommended to consider its placing with them;
  • Your Shed should be built structurally solid not to be brought down by wind. It should be also placed no more than 2.4 meters above the ground surface so that all storm water to be properly retained and drained to appropriate waste system.

If you just want to put a Shed on your property, it might seem like a lot of documents. Don’t forget that modern Sheds usually include Barns, Garages, Carports, Workshops and so on. This explains why shed approvals and regulations in Australia are complicated.

If you have some questions about council regulations, it will be better to approach to the council directly, or to discuss your Shed constructing with a specialist who can help you to organize everything you need, from construction, design to permits.