DIY sheds or professionally built sheds?

 DIY sheds or professionally built sheds?
What’s the difference between a DIY shed and a professionally built shed?

Some people are born handy. Others are more talk and less do. Whichever category you fit into, building a shed can seem like the ultimate DIY project. Before you pull out the hammer, you’ll need to plan. There are a few steps involved in building a shed, and it’s important to be prepared.

Figure out your needs

Why do you need a shed? What qualities do you want in it? Thinking about these questions will help you work out what kind of shed will best suit your purpose. While you’re the one who knows best, a professional can give you advice on the different types and styles of sheds available.

Prepare your shed design

Before you even think about starting construction, you’ll need to sort out a plan. It’s a good idea to sketch out where your shed will sit in relation to your house and yard. You can work off copies of your property plans, or you can use Google Maps as a reference. Having drawings for your shed will be useful if you need to apply for building permits.

When you choose a professional they can help you with the design and planning process. Along with helping design your shed, Shed Bonanza will also provide you with drawings for reference and permit applications.

Apply for a building permit

Depending on the type of shed you’re trying to build, this step isn’t always necessary. When building a larger shed, you’ll have to apply for a building permit. If you want to do the applications yourself, you can always call your local council or town planner for advice.

Professional shed suppliers often have experience applying for building permits and have good relationships with permit authorities. At Shed Bonanza, we have dedicated staff members who deal almost exclusively with permit applications. If you’re in doubt, have any questions, or just want someone else to sort it for you, we’d recommend getting a professional.

Sort out your materials

Once you’ve got approval, you’ll need to prepare to build. That means finding the right materials and tools. If you’re on a tight budget you can opt for recycled materials, however you’ll need to be aware of the material quality.

You’ll want to look into the materials used by professional suppliers too. While Shed Bonanza only uses high-quality materials, some suppliers use low-quality imported products. You don’t want your shed to be flimsy or of poor quality.

Start building your shed

Unless you have construction experience, building can be tougher than you expect. Even if you’re okay with a hammer, we’d recommend getting a professional handyman to help. Any mistakes you make could compromise the quality of your shed, so it’s best not to cut corners.

When you hire a professional, you can get qualified builders to set up your shed for you, or have it delivered with easy to follow instructions to take some of the guesswork out of building.

There are many steps involved in building a shed and constructing your own can be a rewarding experience. If you’d like a little expert advice and assistance, you can always give Shed Bonanza a call.