When do you need a building permit?

When do you need a building permit?
Wondering whether you need a permit to build a shed? While you need a permit to build most things, there are some exceptions for sheds, carports, and garages. Whether or not you need one can vary on a case-by- case basis. Luckily, we’re here to help you understand when you need a permit and why. If it turns out you do need a permit to build the shed of your dreams, Shed Bonanza can lend a helping hand with the application process.


Most sheds, carports and garages are classified as Class 10A Buildings, which means they follow slightly different rules from homes and other construction projects. Consequently, your shed will only need a building permit if it meets certain criteria.

If your shed is bigger than 10 m2

When it comes to building permits, size matters. If you’re building a small garden shed or timber shed, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting a building permit. However, for bigger structures like our garages and American barns, a permit will be required.

If you’re building a shed out of stone

Masonry is heavy and can be difficult to build with. To make sure that you’re following the correct safety procedures, and building a safe and secure structure, you’ll need to get a permit before you start stacking bricks. A permit helps ensure that you have a sound building that won’t fall (no matter who’s huffing and puffing).

We build our sturdy structures out of steel, so you won’t have to worry about this rule when buying a Shed Bonanza shed.

If your shed connects to your home

If you’re building a shed or garage that attaches to another main building, you will need a building permit to do so. This is to ensure that you don’t compromise the structural integrity of your home while building. With proper planning, getting this permit doesn’t have to be a big deal. We’re here to help throughout the whole process, including concept, planning, permit application, construction, and completion. So, you don’t have to do it alone.

Needing a permit isn’t a bad thing. It simply means that your building will be held to strict Victorian safety and quality standards. All our sheds come with drawings to simplify your building approval or Shed Bonanza can arrange your building permit for you. We have extensive experience sorting out permits for Class 10a sheds, garages, and carports. If you’re confused about the process, or would just like a little advice, get in touch today and we’ll lend a helping hand.

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