Why add Crushed Rock for the Garden Shed Foundation?

Why add Crushed Rock for the Garden Shed Foundation?
Whether you are building a shed by yourself or you’re going to buy your shed, a good shed foundation is very important.
Here are some tips you should know when installing a shed. 

Get Your Shed Base Right

The proper shed base should be made of fresh and clean stones allocated evenly across the area a shed structure is going to be placed. The stone base should be about 30 cm wider on all the sides than the structure’s footprint to make sure there is enough coverage.
A well-placed base protects your shed structure in the following ways:
  • Prevents the moisture. If you don’t provide your shed with a good foundation, it is prone to rot, as a bad foundation can allow the water to come in into the structure. 
  • Keeps it level. When installing a stone base, it is very important to keep it level. In case your pad is uneven, it can lead to your shed being damaged. 
  • Prevents animals from getting in. Your outdoor garden shed is going to be used as a place to keep your tools and equipment, and not a home for a wasp colony or other rodents. A stone base makes it much more difficult for the unwanted guests to invade your shed.  


Decorate Your Shed Foundation

For lots of homeowners all over Australia, a shed is a structure that gives value to their property; it can actually increase the value of your home and make it look even more attractive than it already is, you can accessorize your shed foundation to make it look appealing. 
Here are some of the ways to make it:
Plant a perimeter. Plant a ring of plants around your shed to add a wonderful look to your property.  
Furnish with a fence. One more way to decorate your shed foundation is to put a decorative small fence around its area. Moreover, a tiny fence makes a beautiful accessory that adds more charm to your property. The proper foundation ensures your shed is sound and protected from damage.