Fully customisable

Roller doors? Personal access? Big? Small? It’s up to you. You know your farm best, that’s why you should be the one to choose your shed.

Shed Bonanza farm sheds can be used as storage for farm equipment, open stables, hay sheds, etc. They are fully customizable. Roller or steel sliding doors? Personal access? Big? Small? You can also have either open or closed bays, divider walls. It’s up to you. You can be sure your farm will be the best if you choose a shed from Shed Bonanza.

Our farm sheds are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all your requirements. Whether it should be a large hay shed or a machinery shed, or even a horse stable, it can be customized to meet all your special needs. 

Fully customizable farm shed

If you’re looking for a special shed in your farm, Shed Bonanza can create the one to meet all your needs. 

Shed Bonanza farm sheds are designed to look great and have lots of options. Having 30 years of experience we build durable structures of the highest quality.

Our farm sheds are custom designed, flexible and strong and built to stand farm conditions.

Our large farm sheds can be provided in skillion or gable to fulfill your height requirements, up to 18 metres wide and 6 metres high.

Farmers are usually looking for hay sheds. With a full range of Colorbond colours available in Zincalume, our hay sheds can meet all your needs. To provide more security and usability of your storage, closed bays can be supplemented in the amount you need. 

You can also mix and match open bays and closed bays with sliding doors and roller doors.

If it is going to acquire a machinery shed, we can easily design the one with clear spans, doors and windows totally customizable to work for you. It can be provided with roof ventilation to be more comfortable inside. 

No matter what your demands are, Shed Bonanza can create a custom designed  farm shed to complement your style.