Industrial roller doors

Height is no longer an issue. We can install industrial-sized roller doors to store and transport goods of any size.

You can be sure you’ll have a shed with an industrial roller door that is sound, safe and really valuable. It is suitable for the farm, factory or home. Shed Bonanza uses industrial-sized roller door that are stylish and manufactured from high quality Colorbond steel with a variety of colours and a wide range of sizes.

Shed Bonanza’s Industrial-Sized Roller Doors are both cost-effective and appealing.

A Shed with Industrial-Sized Roller Doors

Are you going to build a factory or a warehouse? Without doubt, you want any profitable items or vehicles on your property to be protected and safe. With industrial roller doors from Shed Bonanza you can expect secure and sound protection for your storage.

Shed Bonanza’s Industrial Sheds are constructed according to Australian Standards. All our industrial roller doors are constructed from high-quality materials and designed to suit all your needs.

Our Industrial Sheds are constructed using 100% Bluescope, Colorbond or Zincalume and Cold Rolled Purlins for soundness and durability.This ensures that a continuous smooth, quiet operation is an ongoing benefit of this product, requiring minimal effort and without even a touch of lubricant.

  • Continuous roll formed steel curtain
  • Manufactured from 0.5mm gauge steel between vertical guides
  • Aluminium bottom rail with weather strip
  • Less noise
  • Less  maintenance

All our industrial range of doors can be installed by our professional and skillful team of builders.