Made in Australia

Sure, it’s called an American barn, but it’s still Aussie at heart. All our barns are made in Australia for the Australian climate.

If you’re looking for a uniquely Australian shed to suit your property, American barn shed would be a perfect result of your searching.

The list of American barns applications is endless.  It looks like a large shed, only with extra height in the centre so you can add hoists, store horse floats, or even put a home office in the loft. Its bay structure is easy customized to any fit-outs you need. Though American barns give an extra height and space, they are also very practical for garage, workshop or horse stable.  You can even turn one of the American barn sides into an open carport or porch.

A great option of an American barn is that its length and width can be expanded to any size you need. The height both of the middle and lean side can also be added to suit your barn style shed.

High-quality American barns made in Australia

If you have a large patio or live in rural Australia, an American barn can be a great addition to your property. They are very flexible and have a lot of extra options.

An American barn house can be used as a stable for living animals, storage for tools, or as a large working area. They can even be used as living quarters. Barn houses in rural Australia are perfectly suited for storing feed, agricultural machinery or agricultural vehicles.

Any type of barn style shed can be customized to the size you want, because its length, width and height can be easily changed to suit your needs. The central part of such a shed can range from 2.5 meters to 24 meters.

If your outdoor barn shed has a mezzanine, it can be used as a loft, or a full second floor, depending on what you want to use the barn for and the size of the barn itself. Lean sides are also a great addition providing you with extra space and helping you to ballast the building. Lean sides can also be configured in size to suit the central part of the barn.

An American barn can have many functions, depending on what you need. Some of them include a mezzanine, skylight,  windows having even flip-screen or protective screens, roller doors, inner walls, interior doors, access doors giving you an opportunity not to open the main door, balcony, insulation, ladders, sliding doors etc.

That’s why your barn shed style depends only on your needs and imagination.

There’s only one thing you should remember while looking for your barn shed for sale that it must be Australian made using only the highest quality materials, including strong steel frames and a durable Colorbond® finish.