Supplied with all the flashings

Our carports come with a full galvanised frame, gutters, downpipes and roof in either Zincalume® or Bluescope® Colorbond® colours.

A Carport garage is not only a nice place to store your car, but it’s also a perfect addition to your home that can be used even as an outdoor entertainment place.

If you think a carport garage is a simple structure built of four upright posts with a flat roof you are mistaken. Carport garage can be customised to any building and landscape.

While looking for a carport garage to suit the style of your home in Melbourne, Shed Bonanza offers carport garage with a full galvanized frame, gutters, downpipes, and roof in either Zincalume or Bluescope Colorbond colours. There is also a wide range of roof pitches to design your carport garage to perfectly match with your home. You can choose from a skillion, gable, dutch gable or hip roof and you can even have a carport door fitted in front of it for added security. 

Carport garages supplied with all the flashings

There are lots of design options to choose from in creating a perfect carport garage no matter whether it is a single, double, or multi-vehicle storage for your car.

A flexible carport garage design system provides a big number of changes to be comfortable, accessible, and functional.

All the additional options help you to have a perfect carport garage for all your needs.

You can supply your carport garage with a roller door for easy entrance or with skylights to have extra natural light.

Insulation, internal walls, and roof ventilation are also available with all the Colorbond steel range to choose from.

While talking about choosing a roof for your carport garage the options are versatile. They are made of galvanized steel. The traditional carport garage roof is flat with a slight slope and usually supplied with downpipes to prevent water collecting on the roof. One more easy style is a gable roof, which is often used to complement the home outline.

Thanks to curved aluminium and polycarbonate roofing materials, both carport garage kits and custom carport garages have an opportunity of a curved roof to be constructed, varying from thin curves to half-cylinders and even winged design options.

Recently the solar garage roof has become available. If you had in plans to go solar but faced with some hesitation in installing solar panels on your carport roof choosing this option will be a good decision. Solar carport garages are mostly used in large industrial and commercial areas because they are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.