How to choose the best colour for your shed

How to choose the best colour for your shed
When building a new shed, choosing its colour is arguably one of the biggest decisions you face. The colour is the first thing that will be noticed - it will draw attention (positively or negatively) to your shed. It’s not a decision you want to get wrong.

But with so many colour palettes available on the market, narrowing down your options can become a difficult task. So to help ease the burden, here are four tips for choosing a colour for your shed that will suit your environment and keep the neighbours content.


Match shed colour to your house or fence

Realistically, your shed is not the place to be bold with outrageous colour. Nothing says eyesore more than a shed that’s a completely different colour to everything else near its location. A general rule of thumb is:


  1. If a shed is positioned closer to a house choose a colour similar to that house
  2. If a shed is positioned closer to a fence choose a colour that matches that fence  


This is the easiest way to avoid a complete mismatch colour scheme from house to shed or shed to the fence. If you can match colours, at the very least you’ll have a property that offers an understandable (non-offensive) appearance. 


Speak to your neighbours

You may love them, you may loathe them but if they live next door they’re going to want your shed to fit-in visually with the rest of the street. Whether it is a garage or garden shed, it can often be seen from the front of the property and the colour you choose will get the neighbours talking. 


Similar to how a front-yard filled with rubbish can drive down property prices, choosing a perceived ‘ugly’ colour palette might do the same thing. This will fast track you to enemy number one among those you live close to. 


Review house and shed colours in the remainder of your street and speak with your neighbours. Their suggestions and input might cause you to rethink your options or solidify your idea. 


Know your environment

Australia is a vast country and climates differ depending on the region. Knowing the most dominant weather condition/s in your area is an important consideration when choosing a colour for your shed. Sheds situated in warm climates will benefit from a light colour, as lighter colours help reflect heat. While in colder regions, dark colours draw in heat and help warm your shed naturally. Like light and dark colouring, solar absorbance is also a consideration too. 


Solar absorbance is classed as the total amount of solar radiation absorbed by a shed (or roof). A shed with a lower solar absorptance will reflect more heat than a shed with a higher solar absorptance. 


Remember, you won’t work in a painted black shed on a scorching hot day or a light coloured shed in arctic conditions.  


Mix and match

Houses can have a different coloured trim around doors and windows and this is a colour option for sheds too. Introducing new colours (that don’t visually assault the eye) is a great way to make a feature out of your shed and give it its own personality. 


If you’re wanting a completely new colour for your shed then go a shade lighter or darker than your house or the fence. A different colour, that closely matches the current make-up of your property, can be unique and provide interest.  


A subtle approach like this can offer the variance so often wanted by homeowners. 


The colour of your shed is a decision that requires thought and a sensible approach. The colour you choose is something you have to live with.  


To make the decision easier, Shed Bonanza can send you a free colour swatch of the 22 Colorbond colours we have available. You can use this to reference colours against your property 


Simply email us at and we’ll send you a free colour-swatch. 


Or alternatively, you can visit one of our four locations in Bayswater, Dandenong, Derrimut or Warragul to pick up your colour-swatch.