Why customised garden sheds are perfect for underutilised areas

Why customised garden sheds are perfect for underutilised areas
Most people have got it in their yard. That one area that’s small and underutilised. For many, they consider it dead space and don’t know what to do with it to give it life.

It might fail to get enough sunshine to fill it with plants. It might not be big enough to convert it into a play area for the kids. 


If this is true for you, have you considered customising a garden shed to fit the tight area of space you have? 


Shed Bonanza can work with you to build a garden shed that suits the requirements (both size and design) of your yard. 

Benefits of a customised garden shed

While an out of the box shed is still a viable product, a customised garden shed gives you benefits that suit your circumstance. 


It fits the space: It seems a no-brainer but when you have a customised garden shed you know the product will fit the space you have. On construction day there’s no messing around with angles and positioning which can sometimes happen with pre-made sheds. 


It offers personality: A customised garden shed can be designed to look the way you want. Not only can you mix and match any of our 12 colours, but you can put windows and doors where you like and storage compartments in places that you need them most. 


It turns a dead area into a functional space: Nobody wants to look across their yard and see an area devoid of function or lacking aesthetic appeal. A customised garden shed can be built to fit a small area but designed to match the visual appearance of its surroundings. That means your shed can mimic the look of your home and that can add resale value if you ever put it on the market. 


Considerations when customising a garden shed

A customised garden shed offers many advantages but there are a few things that need to be considered first before you design, build and erect your customised shed. 


Accurately measure the space: Customised garden sheds are designed to fit a tight space. If the measurement is off by even a few millimetres, you’re risking the success of your project. If the area is surrounded by a fence or wall and the measurements are out, you’ll have to start again. Shed Bonanza offers a $49 site inspection by certified garden shed installers. 


Allow enough space for roof overhang: Nobody wants to start World War 3 with the neighbours but you will if you don’t leave enough space for roof overhang and water runs off into your neighbour’s yard. Roof overhang needs to be 50mm. To further avoid annoying your neighbours, you can slope the roof to the front of the shed with a skillion. 

Door locations: Door location is paramount to a functional shed. To have a shed that provides a walkthrough from one side to the other, doors can be placed at either end. This is perfect for sheds located down the side of a house so owners avoid having to walk the entire way around the house to get to the other side. 

The amount of light needed: It’s not uncommon for underutilised areas in yards to be dark. That means a shed might need an added boost of light. A natural skylight is an option and this can be customised to suit the location of the sun when it’s at its most prominent. 

A customised garden shed can be the perfect inclusion to an underutilised space or tight area in your yard. Talk to us about how you can customise a garden shed to suit your needs.