Create Your Custom Garage

From roller doors, sliding doors and hinged doors to optional skylights, spinaways, sliding windows and sideports, our garages are designed to be customised.

A garage is so much more than somewhere to park your car - it can have a major impact on the aesthetic and security of your home. No two people have the same needs or desires when it comes to building a garage. That's why custom garages are so important in creating a structure that is perfect for you.

A Custom Steel Garage is a perfect option to add an extra layer of sophistication and security to your home. From roller doors, sliding doors, and hinged doors to optional skylights, spinaways, sliding windows and sideports, our garages are designed to be customised and fitted according to your needs.

 Regardless of whether you require a steel shed as tool storage or workspace or to store one car or more, we have you covered! Our team of shed experts can work with you from the beginning stages of conceptualizing your custom shed garage, assist with permits and provide all the way through installation assistance. Plus, with our help, from experienced shed suppliers,  you can construct a beautiful new shed that complements the look of your property.

Crafting Your Perfect Custom Steel Garage

When it comes to creating your dream custom steel garage, you’re only limited by your imagination! Decide if you want a single-car garage, a double-car option, or perhaps even a triple-bay garage to make the most of your space. With basic tools and the help of a DIY shed kit or garage kit, you can have a sturdy structure that lasts for years. Take on this DIY challenge and see what kind of ideas you can come up with for your own custom steel garage.

Not only can you choose the size and style of your dream garage, but you can also use it to store anything from recreational vehicles to supplies for your home workshop or business. 

What do you do with such an impressive addition to your property? Have fun! Use it for parking cars and storing outdoor equipment, boats, motorcycles and more. Or create the ultimate spot for woodworking projects away from the hustle of home life. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Unlocking the Benefits of Extra Features for Your Steel Garage

Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency of your property, give it an aesthetic makeover or create additional space, there are plenty of options available that can help you achieve all three goals. We’ll explore some of the great benefits you can get from adding extras like insulation, roller door motor with remote, spinaway, skylights and windows to your steel garage.

  1. Insulation for better thermal performance and energy efficiency.
  2. Roller door motor and remote for automated convenience.
  3. Spinaway for improved air quality and environmentally friendly ventilation solution.
  4. Skylights for natural illumination.
  5. Windows for ventilation and more natural light.
  6. Apex windows enhance the aesthetics of your steel garage.
  7. Security personal access door with secure locking system.
  8. Glass sliding door to create a stunning contemporary appearance.
  9. Side ports to create more covered space.
  10. Garaports extend the living area of your home outdoors.
  11. Eaves protect against rain and wind damage.
  12. Vermin-proofing for a pest-free environment in your steel garage.
  13. Loft space for additional storage solutions or an  entertainment area in your steel garage 
  14. Balcony for increased storage space, improved ventilation, enhanced aesthetics, increased property value

Why wait any longer to create your custom steel garage? With the help of our expert team, you can construct a beautiful and secure addition to your property that meets your exact needs. Start now and unlock the potential of your dream steel garage!