Create your custom garage

From roller doors, sliding doors and hinged doors to optional skylights, spinaways, sliding windows and sideports, our garages are designed to be customised.

A garage is not only a place to park your car. It’s also a structure that has a great influence on your home. It’s also usually used as tool storage or a workshop.

Whether you’ve got one car or more or you even want to store something else you can just look through garage sales in Melbourne and have your garage shed custom designed to suit all your requirements and needs and fitted to suit your lifestyle.

Melbourne garages also have a range of extra options to choose from, so when it comes to building the perfect garage, the possibilities are endless.

A creative team of garage builders in Melbourne can always help you in making your custom garage and all the additional items beginning with the roller, sliding and hinged doors to optional skylights, spinaways, sliding windows, garaports and sideports.

Create your custom garage

Some ideas can be useful for you in creating more than just a garage.

A garage door has a big influence on your home territory appearance and custom made garage door will perfectly reflect your personality.

Why not create an open-air garage?  A garage doesn't need to have solid sides or a door. If you are not in need to have a garage door you can easily place a slatted garage door and have your shed both light and breezy.

Or you can choose another way of making your garage doors stand out  – to install timber door in your shed for example.

If you think you don’t need windows in your garage, door windows are something different from those you imagine them to be. They can add an extra element of style to your garage kit.

If you are going to extend your garage shed or make some additions to it double garage will be a perfect solution.

When you have enough area in your shed for storing a car and you just need an additional room, you can find a way out in knocking a part of your garage down and build some bigger part instead. In such a case you’ll have more space to store your vehicles, tools and so on.

One more advantage of creating a double garage is its entertaining area full with all the necessary items to host parties, work or just having a nice rest.

Asking garage dealers in Melbourne and have it custom built for you probably will be the most comfortable way in creating your dream garage look.

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