Shed Made For You

Create and customise your dream shed with our outstanding range of sizes, types of cladding, roofs, awnings and additional features. You can choose a colour for most details of your shed and make it truly unique and yours.

The best shed is the one made just for you. That's why we're committed to helping you create the shed of your dreams. 

The first things you need to know are how much space have you got on your property, current council regulations, and what is the purpose of your dream shed. 

What are you going to use your shed for? What is going to be stored there? Will you need additional storage later on? What are your dreams? Do you ever plan to buy extra cars, a pool table, a ping pong table etc.? Think not just about what you've got now, but also things you or your family might possess in the future, and all the fun time you will have with it. 

We offer Garages, Carports, Garden Sheds, American Barns, Industrial Sheds, Farm Sheds, Man Caves, Shed Offices.

Then think of the look that you want to get of your new shed. Do you want it to blend with your current structures, or to be a stand out modern look building itself? 

Think about cladding that you like - do you prefer a classic corrugated one or do you want to give your shed an attractive steel weatherboard look. Do you like it horizontal or vertical?

There are lots of questions that you can ask yourself; we will provide a few here:

  • How much light will you need? (Here, you can decide about the quantity and sizes of your windows, adding glass sliding doors, skylights, barn windows etc.)
  • Is it important for you to keep your shed cooler in summer and warmer in winter? (If yes, you should consider adding a roof and wall insulation, reduce the number of skylights, add spinaway, choose lighter colours for the roof)
  • How and where are you going to access your shed? Will you need higher or wider door access to be able to fit your horse float, caravan, boat, truck etc (You should decide on the number of roller doors, personal access doors, sliding doors, sizes, heights for the roller doors)
  • What type of roof do you prefer? (You can choose from flat, gable, skillion, dutch gable or hip roof for certain sheds)
  • Will you need a loft, balcony, or a second floor for your larger shed or your barn?

With so many options to choose from, you can create a shed that's so much more than simply a space to store your car. 

These are just a couple of questions to consider. You can start with creating a prototype in our 3D model designer of the shed that you imagine. And please speak with our talented team today at 1300795544 to start exploring the endless possibilities and discover exactly what you need.

You can also request a quote, and we will get back to you!


Whether you’re looking for a small shed or a warehouse-sized building, we provide customized designs to suit your needs and you can be sure that they’ll provide the ultimate protection.

We also have a large range of roller doors, sliding doors, skylights, ventilation, windows, sideports, eaves, vermin proofing, balconies, lofts, insulation and much more to choose from! 

You can also contact us through these contact details or call us on 1300 795 544 to discuss your upcoming project. 

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